HUMBLE BEGINNINGS, it’s a term people often take for granted. We were fortunate, we had a “space” to go to work while we crafted and honed our vision for AXIOM. 320 Square feet attached to my garage. It was enclosed, had heat and air conditioning (mostly), power and an internet connection. It was a place where we could exist and function.

The ability to come together, collaborate and build on a vision to be different, as a group, in person, is something we will never take for granted. This humble space was the genesis of our products and technology offerings.

I was once told by a large venture capital firm “innovation happens in a garage, not a board room.” Axiom’s management team has had experiences of being in the board room with some of the largest named brands in our industry. In order to truly create tangible change, we knew we had to leave the comfort of the board room to achieve it.

Our path has been exhilarating, frightening, and fast-paced, but it is how we got here today. It’s part of our DNA and we hope to leverage these attributes as we continue to shape the next generation of our industry. We believe that our vision is underway because of our garage story.

– Michael J. Reth – President & CEO