You can add and manage multiple vehicles to your account

Have more than one vehicle you need to manage? COVI can now support your entire garage! COVI announced that it now offers a new garage feature to its app. This new app feature “COVI Garage” offers the ability to add and manage multiple vehicles all-at-once within the COVI app.

COVI, powered by Axiom Connected, allows owners to view protection products, track OEM suggested maintenance, schedule services, receive reminder notifications, manage open recalls, store vehicle-related documents, and access factory warranty information all in one place using COVI Garage.

COVI’s new added feature makes it easy to log the vehicle(s) from within the Mobile App directly; whether it’s one vehicle or multiple, you can add detailed information like make, model, year, and annual odometer readings. This feature is useful not only for families but also for companies that have a vehicle fleet.

Here is how it works:

Log into COVI and select the vehicle avatar
Select + to add another vehicle
Enter or scan your VIN to add your vehicle
Manage multiple vehicles by easily switching between them – just select the vehicle avatar to view your Garage.


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