We have audited all of our competitor’s coverage, making sure that Axiom products meet or exceed what’s currently being offered in the industry. Our mission is to offer F&I products that resonate with today’s automotive consumer, creating a unique and modern user experience.

Vehicle Service Contract

Axiom has modernized mechanical vehicle protection products to meet the needs of today’s technologically advanced automobiles. In addition to auditing over thirty Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) programs to find the good, the bad and the no longer necessary in terms of coverage and benefits, we also analyzed all of the current and forthcoming modern components of vehicles built from 2010 and newer. We quickly realized many products in the market fall short of including, or excluding relevant covered items.


Unlike traditional F&I appearance products where service can be redeemed anywhere, these retention products are designed to drive customers back to a dealership’s service department. This creates several opportunities for customer engagement, earning repeat business and loyalty. Axiom’s pre-loaded products help automobile dealers create a tangible benefit value on each vehicle sale. Each retention program has a measurable and actionable customer behavior that requires a dealership visit.


Axiom’s Ancillary product set was designed to preserve the appearance of vehicles for miles to come. These products allow customers to keep their vehicles looking their best. From wheels, to interior, to key fobs, Axiom has a program to meet your needs.


The combination of COVI, our customer engagement platform, and intuitive products that reach the customer at the most targeted level creates endless opportunity to communicate effectively with your consumers.


Our product development expertise is deeply rooted in reinsurance and profit participation. Learn how Axiom can maximize your wealth.

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