We have audited all of our competitor’s coverage, making sure that Axiom products meet or exceed what’s currently being offered in the industry. Our mission is to offer F&I products that resonate with today’s automotive consumer, creating a unique and modern user experience.

Vehicle Service Contract

Axiom has modernized mechanical vehicle protection products to meet the needs of today’s technologically advanced automobiles. In addition to auditing over thirty Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) programs to find the good, the bad and the no longer necessary in terms of coverage and benefits, we also analyzed all of the current and forthcoming modern components of vehicles built from 2010 and newer. We quickly realized many products in the market fall short of including, or excluding relevant covered items.

Axiom’s Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) match the high standards developed by the factory warranty programs, specifically addressing tech sensors and components. We offer variable options based on levels of protection, mileage, and term years. Each VSC includes a suite of benefits to ensure the best experience when an inconvenient breakdown occurs. Vehicle Service Contract Protection for your pre-owned vehicle that is no longer is covered by a Powertrain Warranty. This program comes equipped with COVI to keep you and your customers more connected than ever before.

VSC High Mileage
This Service Contract “wraps” around Powertrain Warranty issued by an OEM, Manufacturer or Certified Warranty provider. This program comes equipped with COVI to keep you and your customers more connected than ever before.

VSC Wrap
5-star, factory-matched, luxury VSC program that ensures unparalleled performance. VIP benefits include “white glove” Emergency Roadside Assistance, Rental Car and Travel Reimbursements. Our exclusive optional add-ons include Luxury Key/Fob benefit featuring Tile, Tire and Wheel and a Performance Parts Surcharge. You handle the compliments, we’ll handle the rest.

Revolution Ultra Lux VSC
Revolution Technology is a vehicle service contract designed to protect the technology and safety componentry typically not covered in a traditional VSC. This product can also be offered as an alternative option in the event a traditional VSC is declined. Replacement parts for sensors and componentry can cost upwards of $3,000, even in economy and mid-range vehicles. Give customers the confidence needed to enjoy these features for many years to come!

This Service Contract was designed specifically for RV’s and includes 4 levels of coverage, optional mobility and commercial coverage, 3 deductible options and a suite of benefits.



Unlike traditional F&I appearance products where service can be redeemed anywhere, these retention products are designed to drive customers back to a dealership’s service department. This creates several opportunities for customer engagement, earning repeat business and loyalty. Axiom’s pre-loaded products help automobile dealers create a tangible benefit value on each vehicle sale. Each retention program has a measurable and actionable customer behavior that requires a dealership visit.

Revolution Key pairs a traditional key protection program with all the exciting features of Tile technology. Axiom and Tile have worked together to design a solution to help protect motorists from the stress and expense of losing their car keys. Custom brand your tiles and customers will carry your dealership everywhere they go.
Revolution Key
Revolution Bundle Protection gives customers ultimate coverage against unforeseen expenses. From dings and dents to tire repairs and replacements, benefit options include coverage for the interior and exterior of their vehicle. With terms available for both new and pre-owned vehicles, from 1-7 years and five levels of protection, customers can choose an option that best fits their lifestyle. Revolution Bundle Keeping your customer’s vehicle running it’s best by protecting the parts that keep it moving. Lifetime Powertrain Warranty protects the most vital components of the vehicle while giving peace of mind.

Powertrain Warranty
Provide dealers with a valuable reason to return to their dealership. Axiom designs custom Pre-loaded “why-buy-here” plans that are great for reinsurance positions, and present upsell opportunities for customers in F&I. Contact your Axiom Sales Representative for more details.

Advantage Plans


Axiom’s Ancillary product set was designed to preserve the appearance of vehicles for miles to come. These products allow customers to keep their vehicles looking their best. From wheels, to interior, to key fobs, Axiom has a program to meet your needs.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) protection waives the difference between the primary insurer’s settlement amount and the outstanding balance owed on the vehicle on the date of loss. In addition, GAP will cover the car owner’s auto insurance deductible up to a maximum of $1,000.

In the event that wheels become damaged due to impact with curbs, medians, parking stops or other roadway hazards or conditions, the Cosmetic Wheel Program will repair cosmetic damage to wheels (i.e. scratches, nicks, rim pinches, chrome/painted finish flaking) on the surface of the covered wheel up to $1000. We will dispatch a mobile repair unit or arrange the transport of the vehicle to an authorized repair facility to perform the necessary repair. Our nationwide network of professional wheel repair technicians provide expert refinishing and restoring, finest materials and paints, fast turn-around Cosmetic Wheel There is no denying, modern keys are expensive. Due to the complex technology and component programming that now exists in most keys, replacing a key and remote can cost hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars. The best defense against losing keys is a good offense. Prepare now, rather than stress out and spend the money in what might be an emergency situation. Key Fob Over the term of your lease, car owners will experience normal wear as a result of everyday usage. While some normal wear is expected, excess wear may also occur and can result in additional charges owners were not expecting to pay at the end of their lease term. The Excess Lease Wear and Tear Program can help protect customers against unwanted or unexpected expenses.

Lease Wear & Tear
Life happens. From unpleasant road and weather conditions to children and pets, everyday life can be unpredictable and messy especially when trying to maintain the appearance of a vehicle. Our Paint and Fabric Protection Program offers superior protection for the inside and outside of vehicles. Take preventative measures to help maintain the “new” look of your vehicle for many years to come. Paint & Fabric Life happens. From changing a flat tire to getting locked out of a vehicle, being prepared for roadside emergencies can make a difference between a major inconvenience and minor disruption. Having a Roadside Assistance Program lets you drive with confidence knowing that you and your family have protection when an unexpected emergency does happen.

Roadside Assistance
Theft Protection System is a highly effective way of deterring thieves from targeting vehicles and will be installed on vehicles before leaving the dealership. Theft Protection System has flexible terms so customers can choose a plan that is right for them. Terms available from 1-6 years and a $2,500 or $5,000 benefit.

Theft Protection
Tire and Wheel will pay to repair/replace tires and wheels if the vehicle’s tires are damaged by a road hazard. This program also includes many benefits to assist customers in getting back on the road as soon as possible. Choose a plan that fits car owners individual needs and budget. Coverage is available for up to 7 years. Optional Cosmetic Wheel Coverage: improve wheel appearance by removing scratches, nicks, rim pinches, etc. (May not be available in all states). Tire & Wheel Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR) allows customers to keep their vehicle looking its best throughout the ownership life cycle. Axiom Authorized Technicians use a metal body repair process that enhances the appliance and removes small dents and dings without damaging the painted surface.

Paint-less Dent Repair


The combination of COVI, our customer engagement platform, and intuitive products that reach the customer at the most targeted level creates endless opportunity to communicate effectively with your consumers.


Our product development expertise is deeply rooted in reinsurance and profit participation. Learn how Axiom can maximize your wealth.

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