Axiom Product Administration implements new enhancements to Revolution Bundle and Tire & Wheel product suites.

Axiom’s Revolution Bundle and Tire & Wheel are getting a refresh. Now available to dealers and agents, Axiom added product enhancements to provide additional coverage to their existing product suite, meeting the needs of the modern automotive consumer.

Enhancements include:

Business Use coverage is now offered at no additional charge for customers who use their vehicle for business purposes. Applicable taxes added to the Cost definition.* Alternative Transportation Reimbursement gives consumers an option to utilize other modes of transportation, instead of renting a vehicle. Added chrome, alloy with chrome simulation, chrome “clad”, and/or PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) to the Covered Wheel definition.*
Rideshare (such as Uber and Lyft) to Business Use definition.* Curb coverage has been added to the Road Hazard definition, covering tire repair and/or replacement.*

Axiom focuses on developing and improving innovative F&I protection products designed for today’s automotive consumer, even providing coverage to vehicles with the most advanced technology. To find out more information about Revolution Bundle enhancements, please reach out to our sales team at:

*At no additional charge. Terms apply based on your state, see contract for details.