On The Axis Podcast: Episode #6, “Dealership Challenges Pre and Post COVID-19,” Aaron Moore, VP of Sales, Axiom Connected, sat down with Don Brady, VP of Dealer Success at ShipYourCarNow & President of Don Brady Consulting Inc. to discuss the impact on the automotive industry, pre and post COVID-19. Here are 3 key takeaways.

Key Takeaway #1: Shipping a Car Isn’t as Expensive as it Used to be.

As business operations have had to adapt and make some major adjustments due to the pandemic, it has heavily pushed some dealerships to embrace the digital transformation. If dealerships were not already online, they now must be in order to continue selling vehicles. Don Brady is sharing tips and suggestions with various dealerships, informing them that creating a form of shipment process was going to be essential to keep vehicles moving off the dealer lot. Shipping a car isn’t as expensive as it used to be, and if dealerships can provide access to shipments, they open their sales audience to the entire nation rather than just a distance someone is willing to drive. There are a variety of things the industry needs to embrace during this time: their potential buyers are all over the nation, shipping costs are more affordable, people are more open to buying a car unseen as long as the dealer is transparent and answers all the questions asked. Proving this is a very possible way to do business and the way dealers must do business right now.

Key Takeaway #2: Automotive IS essential.

Since COVID-19 pandemic, service and delivery fleets have seen an increase in demand in order to keep groceries stocked and deliveries to peoples’ homes. Which presented a critical topic in the podcast. What is considered ‘essential’ and how the automotive industry IS essential, whether it be the service department or dealer’s sales operation, customers need dealerships to help keep cars and trucks safe and reliable on the road.

Key Takeaway #3: Moving forward – A New Normal for Automotive

Online car sales aren’t a new thing but with recent events, auto dealers have responded by increasing their online sales capabilities by adding on new technology and other resources designed to keep consumers comfortable with buying cars while at home.

No one knows what the future will look like, but it’s believed that we could see a lower supply of new vehicles in stock, and the possibility that used cars will be in high demand. The new offers of zero payments for 84 months is enticing people to purchase vehicles now, and they should. F&I products will still be a necessity as people continue to protect their investments. And when it comes to rental fleets, they will have to be able to offer a certified “Healthy” cleaning, which does involve training, but it will be essential for customers to feel comfortable driving that vehicle.

As we move forward and begin the processes of returning to normal business operations during this pandemic, we will continue to see changes around the automotive industry. It’s important to remain adaptable and console in people and/or companies you trust to guide you in how you choose to operate your business.

Listen to full podcast hosted by Aaron Moore, VP of Sales, Axiom Connected, and featuring guest speaker Don Brady, VP of Dealer Success at ShipYourCarNow & President of Don Brady Consulting Inc., moderated by Liv Vitale below.

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